Our employees are our most valuable resource and no phase of business is of greater importance than their personal safety. Each level of management is responsible for demonstrating safety leadership, providing a safe work environment, and promoting safety as a core value.

Our initial goal is to attain a Total Safety Culture where all Commercial Painting Company and Subcontractor employees automatically, actively, and voluntarily eliminate and prevent at-risk behaviors and conditions from developing in the workplace and at home.

We believe in safety as a core value and with it will follow quality, profitability, satisfied customers and happy workers. With these we can become the employer of choice for our union trades people and the contractor of choice for our customers.

Commercial Painting Company

Commercial Painting Company is based in Memphis, TN, but has done work in Arkansas, Mississippi, and as far east as Murfreesboro Tennessee.  We are located on Summer Avenue,  just west of Tillman.

We look forward to doing business with you.